Rotherfield Players Committee

The proper title of the Rotherfield Players is actually "The Society of the Rotherfield Players" . The committee is comprised of up to 10 people and is responsible for administering the group. All members of the committee are elected or re-elected at the Annual General Meeting that should take place in May of each year. The committee is comprised of the following people: -

Chairman Andy Miller
Mount Eryx
Spout Hill
Rotherfield TN6 3QX


Hon Secretary

Ros Williams


Hon Treasurer

James Gallifant


Hon Publicity Kate Organ  
  Robert Chesterton
Facilities Manager David Close  
  Heather Campbell  

Alison Organ

  Kate Organ  
Safeguarding Officer Sarah Boorman  
  Dan Shaw  

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The Rotherfield Players

incorporating The Pantiles Players