Past Productions

Beauty and the Beast 2024

Director Sarah Truelove
Assistant Director Robert Chesterton
Producer James Gallifant
Choreographer Victoria Field
Musical Director Hatty Philips

Once upon a time there was a wicked witch that decided that she wished to marry a handsome prince. The prince was not keen at all and so the witch turned him into a beast. However the Prince had met Rose (Beauty) and fallen in love instantly because that's what happens in pantomime. With the help of a bit of singing and dancing Ma (the dame) found herself selling her daughter to the Beast in his castle in exchange for treasure although he had been affected by a spell. Rose opts to go to the castle to replace Ma and is followed by some villagers and a dog. The Beast is slain by a sword but magically turns back into the handsome prince.





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Designed by Gallifant Registered Charity No:271998