Past Productions


Caught in the Net - October 2007


Directed by James Gallifant

It might help you to know that the stage is divided into two parts.  On your left hand side is a house located in Streatham where Barbara and her son Gavin live.  On your right hand side is a house located in Wimbledon where Mary lives with her daughter Vicky and Stanley the lodger.  Now John is married to both women and is father to both Gavin and Vicky.  Somehow he manages to live with both of his wives when we all know that one is quite enough.  Have you got that so far? Excuse builds upon excuse so John passes the lying over to Stanley who tries to placate everybody.

Gavin and Vicky happen to meet in an internet chat room and realise that they have many things in common such as a father with the same name and age, and who is a taxi driver.  Fascinating indeed, so they arrange to meet and get Caught in the Net.




2 families in separate houses
Fiona Grunwell and James Green
Go avay, I am German
Another excuse
Oh er?
He is 'er dead
Don't say a word!!


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