Past Productions

Godspell - May 2007


Godspell was a joint production between the Rotherfield Players and St Denys Parochial Church Council.

The Players had last done a production in the church in 1983, which was before health and safety issues had reached such import as they have in this century.

So the idea was put to the Parochial Church Council and was enthusiastically received.  Now this approval just happened to coincide with the inspection of the church known as the quinquennial.  The inspection revealed that the electrical systems in the church were not in the best condition so the power for the lights was generated in the Court Meadow Amenity.  Unlike the Village Hall, St Denys’ church is a grade one listed building and thus enormous care has had to be taken over the installation of all of our theatrical equipment.

Many people had heard of the auditions for Godspell and thus they turned up in droves. The director and musical director decided that everybody who turned up at the auditions should take part in Godspell because the singing was just incredible. Rehearsals commenced in February 2007 with a schedule that would have taxed professionals.

The Crucifixtion
The Directors

The show's success was down to (right to left in the photograph): -

Director - Sarah Truelove

Musical Director - Jo Evans

Choreographer - Catherine Ireland

Producer - James Gallifant (not in photo)



The Musical Director in action The Bag Ladies The Puppet
Rehearsals Oh joy!!
The Band Goodbye
The throng humiliates Happier times
Crown of thorns To the cross
To the cross



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